Cameron Kelley


I'm an engineer, investor, and entrepreneur.

I'm currently building Contrary. We identify top early-career talent and invest in companies they start or join.

I first got interested in technology when I realized I could build websites and hack Minecraft back in middle school. I learned to build software while working on my own projects and consulting for small businesses in high school.

At Texas A&M I jumped into startups and venture capital while working on Ryze and scouting for Contrary. I studied mechanical engineering to learn how to build physical things, and spent some time working on Magic Leap's augmented reality hardware.

After graduating, I joined Contrary to bootstrap our platform team and bring us closer to our vision of supporting every bright young person in the world.

I've spent most of my time on full-stack engineering and operations, but I enjoy working on projects end-to-end. In past ventures I've had a hand in design, product, and marketing.